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Because everyone is entitled to have my opinion.

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On this page you need to register to post. It is meant to be a room for anyone who wants to discuss or debate the topics of this site. All other type of messages one would like to post can be posted without registration on "loose thoughts" page. Everyone's opinion will be respected, and everyone is free to voice it. However, posters will be expected to convey their opinion in a respectful manner. If you cannot be civil, your post will get deleted. So if you want people to hear you, be nice.

I don't require you to read the long list of rules, just know that I will be moderating posts according to them.

1. Keep it civil. No slander, name calling or profanities.

2. Disagreement is to be expected, but don't make it personal. So fight arguments, not people.

3. There's no problem with giving links to back up your claims, but don't argue by link.

Example: "Your view is wrong, just look at this link if you don't believe me."

Why don't I allow this? Because if you are serious about wanting to debate, you'll have to do your own homework.


Other than that, I hope you'll find me rather easygoing and open minded to whatever you have to share inshaAllah.

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Big bang page: Added paragraph regarding Baum-Frampton model.
My beliefs page: Added parts about miracles of the Qur'an.
Fourdimensionalism page: Expanded the mathematical explenation of physics of light, with added formulas.
Fourdimensionalism page: Cleaned up some images, the one with the satellite orbeting earth.
Sidebar: Added new flag-images. The flags are now also clickable as link.
My beliefs page: Corrected a few more spelling and grammar errors.